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The energies of our subtle body can flow through three different channels: left channel,right channel and middle channel.

The left and right channels cross each other in the middle of the head.

Here are brief information about the three channels

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The Left Channel (Ida Nadi)

The left side represents our past and our subconscious. It expresses our desires, our emotions and our memories.

Unbalances on the left side causes fatigue, passivity and sadness.

The Right Channel (Pingala Nadi)

The right channel represents the future and reason. We are used to thinking, acting and planing.

Unbalances on the right channel are caused by over activity, for example planning too much.

The Center Channel (Sushumna Nadi)

The centre channel is the channel where Mother Kundalini is rising. When she is awakened she takes our attention to the centre channel and gives us balance. The entre channel represents the present, and dharma (ethics). It is also the channel or the human evolution, how we have evolved from Amoeba to Homo Sapiens. Throughout history one chakra has been established at the right time causing major leaps in the evolution. Our goal is to always be in the centre channel and to avoid extremes. That is how we will evolve spiritually.