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Each chakra has different qualities, which through meditation reinforce these qualities within us.

Here are short information about Chakra

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Mooladhara chakra

Mooladhara is placed at the bottom of the spine. In Sanskrit the name means “ the support of Kundalini”.

This chakra is the foundation of the Subtle System and supports all the other Chakras.

Swadisthana chakra

Swadisthana moves in a circle around the Nabhi Chakra and is the centre of creativity, aesthetics and pure knowledge. Swadisthana connects us with our inner source of creativity and allows us to experience all the beautiful things around us.

The pure knowledge in the Swadisthana is not mental but a direct experience of reality.

Nabhi chakra and Void

Nabhi is the centre of our well being, physically as well as economically.

Prosperity is a necessary step in evolution just as money is a practical means for a human being to full his or her fundamental needs. If we don’t have a basic safety in our lives our attention will go to simple survival. But when these needs are being taken care of we don’t need to focus on the material any more but we can dedicate our lives to our spiritual development. Greed leads to a stagnation in our spiritual evolution and creates crisis on the macro level such as financial crisis and environmental pollution.

Anahata chakra

Anahata is placed at the centre of our chest. It’s most important quality is love. When Mother Kundalini enlightens our Anahata we become more self confident and balanced.

When Anahata is balanced we can experience the pure joy of just existing. Joy is separated from the contradictions of happiness and unhappiness. Joy is an absolute feeling of silence, harmony and balance.

Vishuddhi chakra

Vishuddhi is placed in the throat and if it is balanced we communicate well with other people. We can feel that we are a part of humanity and that we are all one.

Through Vishuddhi we have the possibility to express ourselves in a diplomatic, polite and kind way.

We also learn the skill of accepting our own and others mistakes without feeling guilty.

Agnya chakra

Agnya is placed in the middle of the forehead. It is the door to Sahasrara, which we only can enter when we forgive.

When Mother Kundalini passes through this chakra we stop thinking and start to enjoy a wonderful silence within.

Sahasrara chakra

Sahasrara is placed on the top of our heads, on the fontanel.

Here the whole subtle energy system is integrated because all the chakras are represented here.