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Come and learn how to meditate so that you can experience a stress free life.

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Founder of Sahaja Yoga

Dr. Shree Nirmala Srivastava

(21 March 1923 – 23 February 2011)

also known as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, is the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation technique. Read more

The subtle system

The subtle system represented above is also called the tree of life in many other spiritual traditions.It is closely linked to our nervous system, which it keeps in balance, and after realisation, it actually enables us to feel the state of our energy channels and our chakras.. Read more

How does meditation work?

There are many forms of meditation, ranging in complexity from strict, regulated practices to general recommendations. If practiced regularly, meditation is thought to help develop habitual, unconscious microbehaviours... Read more

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Sahaja Yoga in collaboration with ABF North Stockholm County invites you to a free meditations.

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Come and teach yourself to meditate so then you can experience a free life stress..


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In addition to the chakras and the channels there is an energy within which is called Kundalini, see the triangle in the picture to the left. It is a healing, motherly energy that looks after us. It descends through the last chakra already at the fetal stage, when the fetus is only three months old. It enters the Sahasrara chakra and continues along the central channel until it reaches the Sacrum bone were it stays in a dormant state awaiting it´s awakening.

Kundalini, Chaitanya

Kundalinikraften yttrar sig i form av s.k. vibrationer som är en ungefärlig översättning från sanskrit av termen Chaitanya.

We can experience the Kundalini energy in the form of vibrations. Shri Mataji use the Sanskrit term Chaitanya when she refers to those vibrations.

Self Realisation

Raising Kundalini through Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga Meditation discovered a spontaneous method to awaken Kundalini energy without the necessity of paying money, acquiring a diploma, or becoming a disciple. Self-realization is the name given to this awakening. The subtle energy known in Sanskrit as Kundalini resides at the base of the spinal cord.. Read more

Ten minutes meditation

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